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Junodownload New House 2022-06-11

DATA: 2022-06-11 TOTAL: 298 FORMAT: MP3 QUALITY: 320 kbps GENRE: House, Tech House, Jackin House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Deep House, Afro House


•3ngine - Choppie (Original Mix)•3ngine - DaBadMan (Original Mix)•3ngine - Wallright (Original Mix)•Acidbro - Move Your Body (Extended Mix)•Acidbro - Rhythm Pub (Extended Mix)•Aday Chinea - The Lesson (Original Mix)•Aday Chinea - The Lesson (Version)•Afternoon Tea - In The Night (Mike Ivy, Craig Leo Remix)•Afternoon Tea - Weakness (Killed Kassette Remix)•Aldo Cadiz - Like Dance (Original Mix)•Aldo Cadiz - The Big Rhythm (Original Mix)•Alessio Collesano - About You (Original Mix)•Alfrenk, Markyno - Look Me Baby (Original Mix)•Alonso - Killer (Original Mix)•Alonso - Party Time (Original Mix)•Alonso, Humlox - One Thing (Original Mix)•Ango Tamarin - Can You Bang (Extended Mix)•Ant Brooks - Escalator (Original Mix)•Ant Brooks - Hokey Cokey (Original Mix)•Ant Brooks - Tell Me Nothin (Original Mix)•Ant Brooks - The Whistle Track (Original Mix)•Ant Schillaci - Paradise (Extended Mix)•Antonio Rec - Gotcha (Original Mix)•Antonio Rec - Inside (Original Mix)•Atari Safari - Ease Your Mind (Extended Mix)•Baby Weight - Donatella (Original Mix)•Baby Weight, Garruk - Houzeheadz (Original Mix)•Baby Weight, Hot Pot - The Bread Song (Original Mix)•Barucc - AP (Original Mix)•Barucc - Chik Krisp (Original Mix)•Barucc - Happy Face (Original Mix)•BEDRAN. - Check It Out (Original Mix)•BEDRAN. - Twisted (Original Mix)•Beneath Usual - Balade (Original Mix)•Beneath Usual - Stretching Out (Original Mix)•Beneath Usual - Totally Clear (Original Mix)•Black Keusen, Luke Drash - Biggest Part Of Me (Original Mix)•Black Legend Project, Lino Di Meglio, Carmine Nappi - Come On (Black Legend Alternate Extended Mix)•Black Legend Project, Lino Di Meglio, Carmine Nappi - Come On (Extended Mix)•Bonilla Mike - Second One (Kevin Rodriguez Remix)•Bonilla Mike - Second One (Original Mix)•Brown Vox - Upground Underground (Original Mix)•Brown Vox - Visionary (Original Mix)•Bruno Mattos, Diniz - Connected (Original Mix)•Bruno Mattos, Diniz - You Will Remember (Original Mix)•C'mon - Feeling High (Original Mix)•Camilo Do Santos - Disconnected (Original Mix)•Caravaca - My Bassline (Original Mix)•Caravaca - Shhh! (Original Mix)•Carl Booth - Good Love (CASSIMM Extended Mix)•Catalin Sima - Do You (DJ Entwan Remix)•Catalin Sima - Do You (Original Mix)•Chapter & Verse - Taking Over Me (Extended)•Chris Whittaker - Cheeching (Original Mix)•Chris Whittaker - Tiddies (Original Mix)•Ciphr - Mirage (Original Mix)•Ciphr - Passenger (Original Mix)•Ciphr - Sunshine Mind (Original Mix)•Ciphr - Sunshine Mind (Yaar Kü Dubby Interpretation)•Ciphr - Sunshine Mind (Yaar Kü Remix)•Cuentero - La Selva (Original Mix)•Damelo, Hyde (OFC) - Every Night (Original Mix)•Damelo, Hyde (OFC) - The Streets (Original Mix)•Damelo, Hyde (OFC), ALL BLAKK - Ngoma (Original Mix)•Danny Rhys - She's Wild (Extended Mix)•David Schaffer - Fresh Summer (Original Mix)•David Schaffer - The Joy (Original Mix)•Davide T - Give It To Me (Original Mix)•De La Swing - Astro Girl (Original Mix)•De La Swing - Astro Girl (Sidney Charles Remix)•De La Swing - Hi Score (Original Mix)•De La Swing - You & Me (Original Mix)•Deeplomatik - In Da House (Extended Mix)•Delgado - Baby Over You (Original Mix)•Delgado - Paid To Work (Original Mix)•Delgado - That Aint Right (Original Mix)•Delgado - Your Own Tempo (Original Mix)•DJ Low Low, D-FRA - Apache (Original Mix)•DJ Low Low, D-FRA - Hands Up (Original Mix)•DJ Low Low, D-FRA - Scared Back (Original Mix)•Dr. Space - Do You Know (Instrumental Mix)•Dr. Space - Do You Know (Original Mix)•Edwardo Louder - Can't Save Her (Original Mix)•Edwardo Louder - Not Really (Original Mix)•Elian Dust - Better Go (Mesquitas, Danny (AT) Remix)•Elian Dust - Better Go (Original Mix)•Emma Clair - Changes (Alex Gewer Remix)•Emma Clair - Changes (Original Mix)•Endemica - Manuscript (Original Mix)•Endemica - Prophecy (Original Mix)•Endemica - Second Sight (Original Mix)•Fabian Haneke - Blessed (Extended Mix)•Fach, Dyce - Keeps You Moving (Extended Mix)•Farfan - El Nino (Original Mix)•Farfan - Piriday (Original Mix)•Felipe Avelar, Disco Ball'z - Boogie Got Me (Original Mix)•Felipe Avelar, Disco Ball'z - Flowerz (Original Mix)•Felipe Avelar, Disco Ball'z - Vibe With Us (Original Mix)•Finiq - Downfall (Extended Mix)•Francesco Bottalico - On My Way (Original Mix)•Gala Gutierrez - Nayla (Cap Morgane Remix)•Gala Gutierrez - Nayla (Original Mix)•Gary Caos - Long Way (Original Mix)•Gela#ter - Equinox (Original Mix)•Gela#ter - Sick (Original Mix)•Gela#ter - The Gurú Child (Original Mix)•Gettoblaster, DJ Deeon - Pop That (Harvard Bass No Pussy For You Remix)•Gettoblaster, DJ Deeon - Pop That (Harvard Bass Remix)•Gettoblaster, DJ Deeon - Pop That (Original Mix)•Gettoblaster, DJ Deeon - Pop That (ZDS Remix)•Gettoblaster, DJ Deeon, Missy - In The House (Eldon (UK) Remix)•Gettoblaster, DJ Deeon, Missy - In The House (Jason Hodges Remix)•Gettoblaster, DJ Deeon, Missy - In The House (Original Mix)•Gruuve - Cloud (Gorge Extended Remix)•Hassio (COL) - Da Haus (Original Mix)•Hassio (COL), Ego - La Marea (Original Mix)•Hassio (COL), Fray - Funk To Tech (Original Mix)•Hassio (COL), Sammy Morris - Savage (Original Mix)•Havoc & Lawn - Bapo (Original Mix)•Havoc & Lawn - To The Beat (Original Mix)•Havoc & Lawn - Vibranium (Original Mix)•Havoc & Lawn - Wuam (Original Mix)•Hebdonis - Mr Funk (Extended Mix)•Herr Krank - French Crush (Original Mix)•Homebase - Karma Has No Deadline (Original Mix)•Homebase - Kiss The Needle (Original Mix)•Homebase - Watch Me On TV (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)•Homebase - Watch Me On TV (Original Mix)•HP Vince, Chuck Roberts - Jack Had A Groove (PEZNT P2 Dub)•HP Vince, Chuck Roberts - Jack Had A Groove (PEZNT P2 Remix)•Hugo Alba - Kalima Chicken (Original Mix)•Hugo Alba - Reptilian Brain (Original Mix)•HYPOXIA LDN - It (Original Mix)•IDKW - Don't You Wanna (Original Mix)•Iglesias - Charged (Melanie Ribbe Remix)•Iglesias - Charged (Original Mix)•Jack Carter - Control Centre (Original Mix)•Jack Carter - System Error (Original Mix)•Jake Tomas, Paul HG - Move With You (Darius Syrossian Remix)•Jake Tomas, Paul HG - Move With You (Original Mix)•James Bradshaw, Andy Reid, Savista - Bombo Papi (Extended Mix)•Jamie Coins - Still Flexin' (Original Mix)•Jamie Coins - Still Flexin' (Paco Wegmann Remix)•Jay Roman - Hot Line (Original Mix)•Jay Roman - Want Your Love (Original Mix)•Jean Pierre, Demenz, Leand - Invasion (Original Mix)•Jean Pierre, Miguelle - Never Ending (Original Mix)•Jean Pierre, PabloRita - Red Lion (Original Mix)•Jemss - Mooor Lune (Original Mix)•Jemss - Rock & Party (Original Mix)•Jordano Roosevelt - Detona (Joshua Puerta Remix)•Jordano Roosevelt - Detona (Original Mix)•Jorhav, Sergio Bennett - Down Street (Carlos A Remix)•Jorhav, Sergio Bennett - Down Street (Original Mix)•Jorhav, Sergio Bennett - Midnight Dance (Original Mix)•Jorhav, Sergio Bennett - Slow Deep (Original Mix)•Joshua Puerta - Sugar Daddy (Original Mix)•JP Torres, Facunh - The Sound Of Rapper (Original Mix)•JP Torres, Facunh - Underground (Original Mix)•Juanito - Atracando (Original Mix)•Julian Alvarez - Behind The Vail (Original Mix)•Julian Alvarez - Erotic Speech (Original Mix)•Julian Alvarez - Inner Systems (Original Mix)•Julian Collazos - Alcazaba (Extended Mix)•Julian Collazos - Bailando (Original Mix)•Juntaro - Damegon (Original Mix)•Juntaro - Drop It (Original Mix)•Kellie Allen - Some People (Original Mix)•Kellie Allen - Some People (Prunk Remix)•Kellie Allen - Starlight (Original Mix)•Kellie Allen - Tell Me (Original Mix)•Kevin Knapp, Mikey Lion - I Am Not (Original Mix)•Kevin Knapp, Mikey Lion - Tightrope Tingles (Original Mix)•Konsagrade - Dulce Patagonia (Original Mix)•Konsagrade - Luxury Groove (Original Mix)•Lee Nosh - You Can Feeling (Original Mix)•Lex Luca - This Is How (Extended Mix)•LondonGround - Luzern (Original Mix)•LondonGround - Secrets (Original Mix)•LondonGround - Zulu (Original Mix)•Loods - Problem Solver (Original Mix)•Low Vision, Alexx L. - Like The Party (Original Mix)•Lucas Alexander - FM Dial (Original Mix)•Lucas Alexander - FM Dial (Seb Zito Freak FM Remix)•Lucas Alexander, Fernquest - Itchy Feet (Original Mix)•Lucas Alexander, Joey Rich, Harrie Summers - Move It (Original Mix)•Macassi, Kane Sonder - All Fiction (Original Mix)•Macassi, Kane Sonder - Beaux Arts (Original Mix)•Marco Lys, Rion S - Mission (Extended Mix)•Marco Lys, Rion S - Mission (Instrumental Mix)•Mark Row - Love Thrown Away (Original Mix)•Mastero - Soul Train (Original Mix)•Mastero - Speak (Original Mix)•Mata Jones - Hi Cam In (Original Mix)•Mata Jones - Mexicano (Aldo Cadiz Remix)•Mata Jones - Mexicano (Original Mix)•Matt Sassari, CHRSTPHR - The Voodoo Babe (Extended Mix)•Mattei & Omich, MVTTIE - All I Know (Original Mix)•Maurizio Ruggiero, Riven Benavi - Brasileira (Original Mix)•Maurizio Ruggiero, Riven Benavi - La Cubana (Original Mix)•Melanie Ribbe, JONATAS C - Little Helper 390-1 (Original Mix)•Melanie Ribbe, JONATAS C - Little Helper 390-2 (Original Mix)•Melanie Ribbe, JONATAS C - Little Helper 390-3 (Original Mix)•Melanie Ribbe, JONATAS C - Little Helper 390-4 (Original Mix)•Meredith O - Take Over (Extended Mix)•Mindchatter, Kyle Watson - Let's Go Dancing (Original Mix)•Monblaire - Burnin (Omer Inbar & Mosko Remix)•Monblaire - Burnin (Original Mix)•Monblaire - Burnin (Yamagucci Remix)•Monblaire - Future Dancefloor (Original Mix)•Monblaire - Kids Love Acid (Original Mix)•Moreno Pezzolato - La Bella Vita (Extended Mix)•Murphy's Law (UK) - Blaze It Up (Original Mix)•Murphy's Law (UK) - Good Gracious (Original Mix)•N-Telekia, Sergio Gaytan - Keep On Dancing (Extended Mix)•N-Telekia, Sergio Gaytan - Runaway (Extended Mix)•N-Telekia, Sergio Gaytan - The Storm (Extended Mix)•NAVVTA - Estrafalario (Original Mix)•NAVVTA - La Ruta (Original Mix)•Nibaaldo, Alucinari - Cetta (Original Mix)•Nibaaldo, Alucinari - Granna (Carlos A Remix)•Nibaaldo, Alucinari - Granna (Original Mix)•Nikko Repits - Casper & Broom (Original Mix)•Nikko Repits - Morrison (Original Mix)•Nikko Repits - Uh La Love (Original Mix)•Nima Gorji - Cut Off The Sound (Cupido. Remix)•Nima Gorji - Cut Off The Sound (Mike.D Remix)•Nima Gorji - Cut Off The Sound (Original Mix)•Omar Svenson, Jorge Hurtado - Friends Corrupt (Original Mix)•Omar Svenson, YRM - Austin Poper (Original Mix)•Osvaldo&Beat - Black Sheep (Original Mix)•Osvaldo&Beat - Sexy Moro (Original Mix)•Pablo Fierro - Camaleon (Original Mix)•Pablo Fierro - Nomada (Original Mix)•Pavzo - Feeling Blue (Original Mix)•Pirate Snake, Dakar - Te Quiero (Extended Mix)•Purple Disco Machine, Bosq, Kaleta - Wake Up! (Extended)•Rando, I.g.n.a. - Vibrazioni (Original Mix)•Reflux. - Walk To Me (Original Mix)•Reflux. - Way Back (Original Mix)•Reza, Alimish - Burning With Ecstasy (Kid Massive Remix)•Reza, Alimish - Burning With Ecstasy (Original Mix)•Ridney - The Inside (Extended Mix)•Ridney - The Inside (Richard Earnshaw Clubside Mix)•Ridney - The Inside (Ridney Extended Remix)•Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero - Busit (Original Mix)•Roxe - Hey Sexy (Extended Mix)•RSquared - Cloud 9 (Original Mix)•Sherm, aboywithabag - Chicago Handshake (Extended Mix)•Simon Kidzoo - Da Riddim (Original Mix)•Simon Kidzoo - La Verdad (Original Mix)•Society Haus - That Night (Original Mix)•Society Haus, FOLUS - I Wanna Be (Original Mix)•Sonner - Back For My Things (Original Mix)•Sonner - Eva (Original Mix)•Sonner - Psy World (Original Mix)•Sonner - Tony Trumpet (Original Mix)•Sonner - Walkin' With Techno (Original Mix)•Space Castorz - Bones (Extended Mix)•T.Markakis - Rise (Original Mix)•The Checkup, Karmina Dai - Let Loose (Original Mix)•Thomas Milles - Apocalypse (Extended Mix)•Timo Tapani - Showtime (Original Mix)•Tom Haw - Back Around (Original Mix)•Tom Haw - I Need U (Original Mix)•Tom Haw - Old Poetry (Original Mix)•Tom Haw - Tell Me Now (Original Mix)•Tony Metric - Over (James Cole Remix)•Tony Metric - Over (Original Mix)•Tony Metric - Over (Tom Felix Remix)•Tony Metric, iicchigo - Again (Original Mix)•TRBZ - Inner Space (Original Mix)•TRBZ - Met Her In The Cosmos (Original Mix)•TRBZ - Pandora's Box (Original Mix)•TRBZ - Rise Above (Original Mix)•Triple Letter - Overt Display (Original Mix)•Triple Letter - Plasma Wine (Original Mix)•Triple Letter - Respawn (Original Mix)•Triple Letter - Uknown Diversity (Original Mix)•Uri Allgood - Bing Bong All Night Long (Original Mix)•Uri Allgood - Broken Piano (Original Mix)•Uri Allgood - Slapping Da Bass (Original Mix)•Uri Allgood - That Ooooohhweee (Original Mix)•Uri Allgood, Groovy Drew - Knew About U (Original Mix)•Vaicentt, Martin Minnucci - Shake Up (Original Mix)•Vaxx - Seduction (Original Mix)•Vaxx - Shadows (Original Mix)•Victor Rios - Cauca (Original Mix)•Victor Rios - Guiajira (Original Mix)•Viggo Dyst - Bubble Wrap (Original Mix)•Viggo Dyst - CAT (Original Mix)•Viggo Dyst - Promises (Original Mix)•Viggo Dyst - These Knits (Earth Trax Remix)•Viggo Dyst - These Knits (Original Mix)•Vinary - The Roll (Original Mix)•Vinary - We Are (Original Mix)•YSFK - Follow The Leader (Original Mix)•YSFK - Judge Me (Original Mix)