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Beatport New Tracks Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica

DATA: 2022-07-12 TOTAL: 100 FORMAT: MP3 QUALITY: 320 kbps GENRE Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica


 •Aaron Dmitriew - Echos (Original Mix)•Aaron Dmitriew - Walk Away (Original Mix)•Adam Taylor - Dream Chaser (Extended Mix)•Airdream - Come Home (Original Mix)•Another Dimension - Afterlife (Original Mix)•Another Dimension - Eternal Voices (Original Mix)•Another Station - Reconfiguration (Original Mix)•Another Station - Retroland (Original Mix)•Anton By, Av, Natune - Bring Me Back To Life (Sergey Salekhov Extended Remix)•Arentis - Dreams (Extended Mix)•Arentis - Hope Remains (Extended Mix)•Arnaud Le Gamin - Escape From Krypton (Original Mix)•Arnaud Le Gamin - The Clark Kent Dilemma (MoodFreak Remix)•Arnaud Le Gamin - The Clark Kent Dilemma (Original Mix)•Arnaud Le Gamin - X-Ray Vision (Original Mix)•Astronomica - Overdrive (Original Mix)•Astronomica - Star Carousel (Original Mix)•Axel Zambrano - Spirit (Original Mix)•Axel Zambrano - Zahar (Original Mix)•Burcak - Stella (Original Mix)•Calvin O'Commor - Diving In The Sky (Intro Mix)•Calvin O'Commor - Diving In The Sky (Original Mix)•Carlo Mathaye - Promenux (Original Mix)•Criostasis - Oblivion (Original Mix)•Crisy - Nightfall (Extended Mix)•Deviu - Become Human (Original Mix)•Dmitry Molosh - Autobahn (Original Mix)•Dmitry Molosh - Custodian (Original Mix)•Dmitry Molosh - Resistance (Original Mix)•Florian Gasperini - Broken (Original Mix)•Forion - Natalie (Extended Mix)•Franc Fala - Liar (Extended Mix)•Fredd Moz - Rollercoaster (Original Mix)•Fur Coat - Saharan Dust (Extended Mix)•George Chiles - Deep Thoughts (Original Mix)•George Chiles - In The Sky (Original Mix)•Gonza Sclarovsky - Endless (Original Mix)•Gonza Sclarovsky - Multicolor (Original Mix)•HAUMS - Celestial Dance (Extended Mix)•HAUMS - Celestial Dance (Jordin Post Extended Remix)•Houce - Beyond You (Extended Mix)•Houce - Into Life (Extended Mix)•JARES - Darkness And Light (Original Mix)•James Hurr - Tallis (Extended Mix)•James iD - Listen (Extended Mix)•Jozef K - Latex (Extended Mix)•KBK - Everything Changed (Extended Mix)•Kabi (AR), Polo (AR) - Cromo (A-Jay (SL) & Aman Anand Remix)•Kabi (AR), Polo (AR) - Cromo (Mike Isai Remix)•Kabi (AR), Polo (AR) - Cromo (Original Mix)•Kabi (AR), Polo (AR) - Cromo (Weird Sounding Dude Remix)•Kyle Kinch - Moonraker (Extended Mix)•Luan Pugliesi - Paradoxum (Original Mix)•Luan Pugliesi - Scientia (Original Mix)•M3TTA - Helios (Extended Mix)•M3TTA - Rest Your Head (Extended Mix)•MIICHII, LEILAXMAREK - Someone (Extended Mix)•MIICHII, LEILAXMAREK - Someone (GIOKA Remix)•MakeFlame - Armada (Original Mix)•Marian Closca - Serras Dia (Original Mix)•Marian Closca - Starcruiser (Original Mix)•Mario Leone - Caminos (Original Mix)•Mario Leone - Fuego (Original Mix)•Mark Allen - Elements (Original Mix)•Narel - Assonance (Original Mix)•Narel - Icaro (Original Mix)•Nourey - For Ellie (Extended Mix)•Nourey, Foster - Meant To Be (Extended Mix)•ODAX - Waterfalls (Original Mix)•Philipp Wolf - Unrest (Original Mix)•Polzn Bladz - Exception To The Rule (Extended Mix)•Prophecy - Company (Extended Mix)•Roc Dubloc - Forever (Extended Mix)•Rubmak - Kite (Original Mix)•Rubmak - Trucy (Original Mix)•Sam Hopgood - Flow (Original Mix)•Sam Hopgood - Undulation (Original Mix)•Seraphin - Not Enough Words (Original Mix)•Skyda - Metamorphosis (Extended Mix)•South Pole - Petrichor (Extended Mix)•South Pole - Poolsides (Extended Mix)•Space Motion - Epic Resurrection (Original Mix)•Spada - Emerald (Original Mix)•Spada - Paradiso Perduto (Original Mix)•Spada, Stephan Klauning - Yellow & Blue (Original Mix)•Stas Underhill - Arcade (Original Mix)•Stas Underhill - Planetarium (Original Mix)•Stephan Govarg - Grandma (Extended Mix)•Sun Progress - Chaos (Original Mix)•Sun Progress - Chaos (SALAZAR (COL) Remix)•Sun Progress - Where Are They (Original Mix)•Sun Progress - Where Are They (Patricio Insaurralde Remix)•T Davids - Zero (Extended Mix)•Th;en - Ancora Quie (Original Mix)•Th;en, Aves Volare - Trust (TH;EN's Space Mix)•Th;en, Christopher Doerr - Menschen (Original Mix)•Weltmusik, Asomnia, Sarah Camille - Heights (Extended Mix)•Yashar - Blue Skin (Original Mix)•Zero8 - A New Beginning (Original Mix)•Zero8 - See You Again (Original Mix)