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Beatport New Techno Tracks

DATA: 2022-07-04 TOTAL: 150 FORMAT: MP3 QUALITY: 320 kbps GENRE: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica


 •AYOR - TIME (Extended Mix)•Addict Disc - Bahamas (Original Mix)•Addict Disc - Boogie Vibe (Original Mix)•Addict Disc - Isla Paraiso (Original Mix)•Andy Bach - Everything You Need (Original Mix)•Andy Bach, Kareva Anastasia - Move Your Body (Original Mix)•Andy Bach, Peter Brown - On The Dancefloor (Original Mix)•Ante Perry, Cosmo Klein - Sinner For Life (Extended Mix)•Augusto Gagliardi, Aske Izan - Clear Mind (Original Mix)•Augusto Gagliardi, Aske Izan - Clear Soul (Original Mix)•Baccus - Got To Do (Artmann Remix)•Baccus - Got To Do (Original Mix)•Baccus - I'm On It (Fabe Remix)•Baccus - I'm On It (Original Mix)•Bob Sinclar, Steve Edwards - World Hold On (Fisher Rework, Extended Mix)•Bonetti - Jazzy Adventures (Original Mix)•Bonetti - Two Lonely Nights (Original Mix)•Byron The Aquarius - A F R I C A (Darren Marshall Remix)•Byron The Aquarius - A F R I C A (Don Swing Remix)•Byron The Aquarius - A F R I C A (Original Mix)•CEV's - Oracle (Chemars Remix)•CEV's - Oracle (Original Mix)•Caparzo - Preacher (Original Mix)•Carl Booth - Our Time (Original Mix)•Carlos Arresa - Faith (Original Mix)•Carlos Arresa - Origenes (Original Mix)•Chapter & Verse - Everybody Everybody (Extended)•Cody (Ro) - Derutant (Original Mix)•Cody (Ro) - Inner (Sakdat Remix)•Craig C - Bass Hit (Original Mix)•Craig C - Canto Del Barrio (Original Mix)•Criss Korey - Back Home (Original Mix)•DJ Linus - Folie A Deux (Original Mix)•DJ Linus - Menage A Troi (Original Mix)•DZR - Flow (Kevin York Remix)•DZR - Flow (Original Mix)•DZR - Hips (Enrico Caruso Remix)•DZR - Hips (Original Mix)•DZR - On The Dance Floor (Original Mix)•Danny Marx - Filtro (Extended Mix)•Deeleegenz - Keep Control (Original Mix)•Deeper Than L, Sulene Fleming - Addicted (Original Mix)•Demarkus Lewis - Down With The Underground (Dub Mix)•Demarkus Lewis - Down With The Underground (Original Mix)•Din Jay, Jame Starck - What I Want (Extended Mix)•Disk Nation - Gotta Get What You Want (Mata Jones Remix)•Disk Nation - Gotta Get What You Want (Original Mix)•Domino DB - Talk To Me Now (Original Mix)•Dre Mendez, Caleb Dent - Conspiracy (Extended Mix)•EMABEAT - Im Gettin Hot (Original Mix)•EMABEAT - Lovers (Original Mix)•EMABEAT - Sizzling (Original Mix)•EMABEAT - Smoke And Blow (Original Mix)•Edu Escartin - Globetrotter (Original Mix)•Edu Escartin - No Stress (Original Mix)•Edu Escartin - Trapped (Original Mix)•El Monk, Nycto - Volumen (Original Mix)•Ewan McVicar - Heather Park (Original Mix)•Ewan McVicar - The Nucienda (Original Mix)•Fantom Freq, FOOTWURK - Quarantine (Original Mix)•Fantom Freq, Nolephant - Drippin' (Original Mix)•Felipe Avelar, Disco Ball'z - Back To Me (Original Mix)•Felipe Avelar, Disco Ball'z - Wavies (Original Mix)•Fleur Shore - Heart Of Jazz (Original Mix)•Fleur Shore - Me Gusta (Original Mix)•Fogg - Aurora (Original Mix)•Fogg - Dance One Coke (Original Mix)•Francesco V - Bumble What (Frivolous Jackson Remix)•Francesco V - Bumble What (Original Mix)•Fred Dekker - Booty Monster (Original Mix)•Fred Dekker - Jumanji (Original Mix)•Fred Dekker - Overrated Pleasures (Original Mix)•GAWP - Lame Friends (Extended Mix)•GOSSO - I Give (Original Mix)•GOSSO - Mister G (Original Mix)•Giorgio Leone (IT) - Down Low (Original Mix)•Giulyiano, Cisco Barcelo - Montecarlo Night (Original Mix)•Giulyiano, Cisco Barcelo - Old Days (Original Mix)•Guido Cea - Evaporate (Original Mix)•Guido Cea - I Want (Original Mix)•GUYZA - Running Back (Extended Mix)•Hassio (COL) - You Can't Be (Original Mix)•Hezbo - Descontrol (Original Mix)•Hurlee - All This Time (Original Mix)•Hurlee - Delirious (Original Mix)•Hurlee - Dreamy (Original Mix)•Hurlee - Kiss Of Fire (Original Mix)•Hurlee - Offside (Original Mix)•Huxley - Supersonic (Extended Mix)•Ignacio Morales - With Age Comes Wisdom (Original Mix)•In It Together - Jealous (Original Mix)•Ivan Cap - Roof Piano (Original Mix)•Ivan Cap - Trumpet Sonar (Original Mix)•Jesse Bravo - Hypno (Original Mix)•Jesse Bravo - Just Like This (Original Mix)•Jesse Bravo - On & On (Original Mix)•Joey London Style - FLAVA (Original Mix)•Joey London Style - I WANNA (Original Mix)•Joey SLVR - Ibiza On My Mind (Peak Time Mix)•Joey SLVR - Ibiza On My Mind (Sax Mix)•Just.Jax - Need You Better (Extended Mix)•Just.Jax - Things You Say (Extended Mix)•Kristin Velvet - Beats On The Rocks (Original Mix)•LWRNCE & CONNMAC - Rituals (Original Mix)•LWRNCE & CONNMAC - Signal (Original Mix)•Lambert & Handle - Never Be Mine (Dub Mix)•Lambert & Handle - Never Be Mine (Original Mix)•Leo Lacerda - What About Now (Original Mix)•LeoK, Maty Badini - Burning Bed (Original Mix)•LeoK, Maty Badini - Heat (Original Mix)•LeoK, Maty Badini - Nobody Me (Original Mix)•LeoK, Maty Badini - Not In Control (Original Mix)•Leojah (AR) - Apolo (Original Mix)•Leojah (AR) - Big Dick (Original Mix)•Leon The Lover - Afternoon (Original Mix)•Lownamy - Countdown (Original Mix)•Lownamy - Oculi Laedere (Original Mix)•LucaJLove - Maasai (Original Mix)•Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby (Joshwa Extended Remix)•Malikk - I Know (Original Mix)•Malikk - Smiley (Original Mix)•Marcello Marotta - C'mon (Extended Mix)•Mathew F - Going Up (Original Mix)•Mathew F - Ma Babe (Original Mix)•Mathew F - Puppet Master (Original Mix)•Mattei & Omich, MVTTIE - All I Know (Babert Italo Remix)•Mattei & Omich, MVTTIE - All I Know (Original Mix)•Max Chapman - Mamacita (Original Mix)•Max Chapman - Shook (Original Mix)•Milos Pesovic - F-Beat (Original Mix)•Milos Pesovic - Follow Me (Original Mix)•Mitekss - Everybody On The Clock (Original Mix)•Mitekss - What Should I Do (Original Mix)•Nacho Scoppa, Alessio Bianchi - Hey Oh! (Extended Mix)•Nacho Scoppa, Alessio Bianchi - No Internet (Extended Mix)•Newball - Things (Joshua Puerta Remix)•Newball - Things (Original Mix)•Nicole Fiallo - That Girl (Original Mix)•Paul Gavronsky - 1991 (Original Mix)•Paul Orwin - Sax Attack (Extended Mix)•Philip Z - Sexy Back (Original Mix)•Prime Punk - Not Available (Extended Mix)•Professor - Marimba's Groove (Fin & Stanley Remix)•Professor - Marimba's Groove (Original Mix)•Red Met - Why You (Original Mix)•Roberth Grob - She's Not For Me (Original Mix)•Roberth Grob - She's Not For Me (The Sahoo Conection Remix)•Ronny Berna - Rampage (Extended Mix)•STANBY - Kisses Down Low (Original Mix)•Sebastian Quiroz - Yevere (Original Mix)•Simon Adams, Max Millan - Mr. Franklin (Miguel Migs Salty Rub)•Simon Adams, Max Millan - Mr. Franklin (Original Mix)•Some Too Suspect - LoCo (Original Mix)•Some Too Suspect - Orange Is The New Trump (Original Mix)•Thule, Danescu - My Darling (Original Mix)•Toni Varga - Essence (Original Mix)•Toni Varga - Night Moon (Original Mix)•Trace, Ato Woody - Talking (Extended)•VIC ESENAIHC - Insatiable Groove (Next Of Kin Remix)•VIC ESENAIHC - Insatiable Groove (Original Mix)